Cathleen Woodall & Jason Langston

Founders of Gelco Products, Inc.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in comfort products that unlock human potential.

Our Mission

To create wellness products that improve the human experience by removing the negative effects of the seated environment through science, anatomical design and quality materials.

Core Values

  • We create products that improve people’s lives
  • We develop products that are simple to use and effective in their purpose
  • We own the technologies that make our products unique
  • We control the message and how we are portrayed in the market
  • We focus only on markets where we can lead in design and product development
  • We believe that necessity inspires innovation
  • We believe in collaboration with those that put effort toward achieving our vision
  • We strive for excellence

The GSeat is the most advanced ergonomic seat cushion which unlocks human potential by freeing the mind of the pain of sitting by using science and quality materials.

Whether you’re working at home or your office, going to your kid’s ball game, swim meet or cheer event, driving your car or traveling. The GSeat makes you more comfortable anywhere you sit!

We strive to create the highest quality and most comfortable seat cushions in the market; our less than 1% return rate reflects our success in that endeavor. In addition to high quality products we aim to provide excellent customer service. Just call us anytime at: 866-45 GELCO (43256) or send us an email at: